Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, 2015-2019

How to deliver a seamless experience for an automotive brand - from finding a car, to test driving, buying and owning it?
The Challenge
Over the last few years I've worked for several automotive brands. What I have learned is that one of the most essential things in designing experiences for automotive brands is to cover the whole customer journey - from finding a car, to trying, buying and owning it.

Some of the challenges I worked on: 

  • How to establish a seamless and convenient online purchase process? (Volkswagen & Diconium 2019)
  • How to increase customer loyalty and brand satisfaction? (BMW & Hi-ReS! 2017
  • How to turn critical touchpoints in the customer journey into differentiators for the brand? (Audi, BMW, Razorfish & Hi-ReS! 2016 - 2019)
  • How to make owners feel confident that they've chosen the right brand? (Audi, BMW, Razorfish & Hi-ReS! 2015- 2017)
The Approach
It's important to find the points in the customer journey that consumers are not satisfied with in order to improve them and create differentiators for the brand.

Some of the methods I used:

  • Surveying the experience of car buyers, owners and prospects around the world.
  • Mapping the customer journeys of and identifying the needs and pains.
  • Prototyping different solutions and testing them with customers.
BMW configurator (2016)
BMW 360° Electric (2017)
Audi connect for Owners (2015)
Experience DesignWorkshops, Strategy, Sketching and Prototyping, Software, Testing
ResearchWorkshops, Surveys & Interviews, Customer Journey Mapping, Design Sprints, Design Thinking
Implementing AAA Process 2019 (Asses, Align & Accelerate)
Automotive Customer Journeys (2019)
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