Automotive Bank (Tba), 2018

Most people find online banking rather tedious. I helped to research and design an app to change that.
The Challenge
Banking apps often don‘t feel easy to use. But what are the problems customers have? Through interviews & social media research we identified different categories of challenges we wanted to focus on: transparency, personalisation, self service, convenience.

  • How can we make future and past transactions more transparent to the customers?
  • How can we improve self-service so that customers save time by not having to call the helpline or visit a branch?
  • How can we simplify the experience?
The Approach
  • We asked users about their experience with online banking
  • We mapped the user journey for different tasks
  • We came up with features and services that can turn pain points into highlights
  • We tested different approaches with prototypes
Experience DesignLeading Design & Research Team, Workshops, Ideation
ResearchSurveys & Interviews, Customer Journey Mapping
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