Wilhelm Haselmeier GmbH & Co. KG, 2019-2020

For a leading provider for self-injection devices, I helped to develop a solution, that can make clinical trials more efficient.
The Challenge
Collecting data during a trial can be filled with difficulties. It is often still done manually with the risk of errors. At Haselmeier we asked ourselves the following questions:

  • How can we make collecting and management of data in clinical trials more efficient?
  • How can we provide real-time access to clinical trial data ?
  • How can we provide a better experience for the patients that take part in the trial?
The Approach
We systematically asked patients, physicians, clinical research organisations and sponsors what their pains are in conducting clinical trials.

In several workshops we mapped the journeys of the stakeholders and identified the requirements.

After we distilled the key ideas into a prototype, we tested it with different stakeholders.  
Experience DesignWorkshops, Presentations, Design Sprints, Sketching and Prototyping, Software System Requirement Specifications
ResearchWorkshops, Surveys & Interviews, Customer Journey Mapping, Ethnographic Research, Testing
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