Deutscher Sparkassenverlag, Helaba, 2019

Financial and supply management in local authorities is often very complex and fragmented. I helped to research and design a solution that can remedy this.
The Challenge
Local authorities often still use conventional channels and software tools to manage their finances and supplies. Research showed us an urgent need to simplify processes. We asked the following questions:

  • How do you get a traditional organisation to act more like a start up?
  • How can we convince employees to use new software tools?
  • What services do we need to offer to make a real impact on daily work?
The Approach
In several workshops with various stakeholders (e.g. municipial professionals, investors, suppliers) we developed an inital concept and a first prototype that we tested with the target groups.

Experience DesignDesign Sprint, UX & UI Design,  Prototyping, Testing
ResearchInterviews, Workshops, Customer Journey Mapping and much more
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